“Here Comes the Sun” at Williamsburg’s Sideshow Gallery

This show is one of the strongest I’ve seen in Williamsburg for a while though Sideshow always has a great line up.

“sun, Sun, SUN” (2006-2008) by Shari Mendelson was the fuckin’ A++ centerpiece to the show. Worth every cent of the $20,000 they’re asking for it…oh wait, that’s a lotta $$$$$$$…I’d giv’em $4,000 though (what is that in Euros nowadays…500?).

Side view of

She has a couple of other similar plastic sculptures in the show, but while they are well constructed and original, they’re not even close to this one. It is like a mini-Olaf Eliasson.

What does it mean? Who cares, it’s lovely.


The other artist is the show, Lori Ellison, is talented but I feel sorry for her. Her fine–and manic–all-over drawings and paintings are a little hard to read against a stark white wall. The other bad news is that her work looks small and precious beside Mendelson’s work.

Check out the show at Sideshow until April 13, 2008.

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