Condoburg Gets Art Sensitivity Training

This past week I’ve been condo shopping in Williamsburg with Veken…I know, I know, I’m a horrible person and should feel like shit for further gentrifying a completely gentrified neighborhood….anyway, one waterfront development Northside Piers, which is working hard to market itself as edgy, is working with Billyburg’s own Slategallery.

The brochure promises that Slategallery art consulting will be offered art consulting with all residence purchases…oh, and interior design referrals…though definitely NOT website designers referrals since their site sucks!

I guess the new luxury condo residents are being notified that they should adapt to the ‘hood and perhaps buy some art, maybe even local talent, and not just sully up the place with their cars, coffee shops, flatscreens and baby stollers…let’s hope it works.

Btw, I snapped a pick from a northeast unit on the 20th floor of the Northside Piers development. In the foreground you can see the footprint of another development in the works, the Edge. You have to admit the view is pretty sweet.

The View from Northside Piers

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