A Tour of VOLTA NY 2008

I wandered around VOLTA NY today and saw a couple of things worth noting.

Kristof Kintera from Prague’s Jiri Svestka gallery included a wandering coconut and bucket, a cactus made of beer cans, a homeless person in a sleeping bad emitting smoke from his/her head and a shopping back (foreground) with a cucumber that endlessly twirled.

Kristof Kintera from Prague's Jiri Svestka

Homer Simpson Poptart…yum…actually it’s William Pope L.’s “Breakfast Treat (Mc Gurk)” (1998) at London’s Kenny Schachter ROVE Projects. At $7,000 a tart that would be some breakfast and you’d probably want to scrap off that marker stuff.

William Pope L.'s

Clay Ketter large photographs at London’s Bartha Contemporary were hauntingly beautiful. Ketter photographed the foundations of homes devastated during Hurricane Katrina.

“Aren’t these a little depressing,” I asked the galleryist tending the show.

“Well, at least something good came out of it,” she said. No really, she said that.

To her credit, she then averted her eyes and (I hope) realized how heartless that sounded.

Clay Ketter at London's Bartha Contemporary

Check out my Flickr photo tour with captions here.

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