From Disarmory to Armory

I decided it was only appropriate to see the small Disarmory show in the Lower East Side before taking on the mammoth Armory Show at the West Side Piers….bad idea.

The Disarmory was a useless stop. I wished there was more work, more dialogue and…well, more of everything. The only thing they did really well was the vintage newspaper program which was vastly more interesting than the show. It really looked like an excuse for a party, particularly sicne 80% of the space (I’m not kidding) was allocated to the event/party.

Check out my Flickr slideshow of the Disarmory disharmony here.

Now for the big show. The Armory exhausted me, particularly after earlier stops at VOLTA & SCOPE…it was a long day.

What I noticed most was that nothing jumped out at me except Brooklyn’s Pierogi Gallery, which was filled to the rafters with some great work, and I really like Mona Hatoum’s “Static” (2006) at White Cube–which was particularly funny considering the context of the art fair and the waves of people traveling through the space.

Otherwise, there were soe nice things but nothing I hadn’t seen before…though when I move remind me to ask Tom Sachs to help me pack 🙂

Armory 2008

Armory 2008

Armory 2008: Tal R at Zach Feuer

See my complete Flickr slideshow from the Armory here.

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