Wandering Around Red Dot NY 2008

The most unconventional of this weekend’s art fairs, New York’s Red Dot gave me a headache…not enough psychic (or physical) space to take in all the work.

I’m afraid anything I say about the fair is going to sound bitchy, so I’ll let the work speak for itself.

A friend who joined me at Red Dot commented that there was a lot of ceramic and porcelain work…here’s a case in point.
Red Dot Art Fair 2008
The crayon totems were interesting slivers of sculpture.
Red Dot Art Fair 2008
These diptychs were produced by a couple who are professional food photographers. Now we know what food photographers fantasize about.
Red Dot Art Fair 2008
The best part of Red Dot was seeing how various galleries configured the bathrooms in their room/galleries…like this one (also look at this, this & this).
Red Dot Art Fair 2008
Click here to see the full collection of my Flickr pics from Red Dot.

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