My Finger on the PULSE 2008

I’m sorry I left PULSE New York to last–though theoretically I was going to head to the BRIDGE fair after PULSE but couldn’t take anymore art. It was by far the most relaxed and spacious venue.
PULSE art fair 2008

Some highlights….I loved loved this Mala Iqbal painting. Ever since I first saw her work a few years back in Williamsburg her technical skill and ability to fashion riveting scenes has been going up, up, up.

This one (from the PPOW gallery booth) was a great mix of volatile nature, zen moments of reflection (pardon the pun), and delicious colors…everything I like in her bag of painterly tricks. I really wanted to buy this with my non-existent budget but it was already sold for $14,000–wowza!

PULSE art fair 2008

These old LPs cum sexy silhouettes were whimsical and fall into the “why didn’t I ever think of doing something like this” category. I overheard a South Asian-American couple talking about the work which they were obviously considering for their home:

“I like it, let’s get it,” he said with a thrill that little boys get when doing something nasty.
“Um, I don’t think it’ll work in Holmdel [New Jersey],” she responded. He grinned and walked away.

PULSE art fair 2008

I was stuck by this painter who makes what I considered “difficult” paintings. There were a little tough to look at at first but slowly my eyes sunk deep into the garish colors, stark contrasts and hallucinatory line. Here are some more by the same artist.

PULSE art fair 2008

This artwork at a Toronto gallery tripped everyone out at the fair. From the front it looked like some type of hologram that shifted when you walked past it. Only when you viewed it from the side did it reveal its little secret. Check it out.

PULSE art fair 2008
PULSE art fair 2008
PULSE art fair 2008

Check out my complete Flickr slideshow from PULSE NY here.

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  1. houri Avatar

    amazing! so grateful for blogging, specifically through your eyes – I feel like I walked around with you and I’m better for it…. thanks…

  2. Oly Avatar

    Hrag, that last one needs a Playtex Cross-Your-Heart bra from 1977.



  3. […] I did not cover any of the same artists as I had decided to provide a link to his blog here. Hraq Vartanian has a blog with an image of the log red hall and then more on Patrick […]

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