“Gender Trouble” Feminist Art Show in Yerevan, Armenia

From Artmika’s Unzipped blog we get a look at a feminist art exhibition in a post-Soviet society..which coincidentally is still in the midst of a controversial election that may not yet be resolved…Artmika writes:

As mentioned in my previous post, the exhibition of feminist art “Gender Trouble” opened on 7 April in Armenia’s capital Yerevan to coincide with the “Motherhood and Beauty Day” – “the second official holiday dedicated to women” (after 8 March) .

It is not surprising therefore that one of the main messages of this exhibition, according to Shushan Harutyunyan, local journalist and good friend of mine, was that the real meaning of 8 March (International Women’s Day) has been erased from people’s memories. Instead, we [are] reminded daily on a society level of the notion of women as “the fair sex” or “weaker sex”…

Shushan then takes us for a tour of the show:

“I liked the exhibition, it was rather creative exhibition. Mainly video art was displayed…artists’ works were controversial….from depicting the process of plastic surgery to grandmother at boxing training. Perceptions are subjective, of course.”

Of course….god I love how the art world everywhere marches to its own drum.

Check out Artmika’s pics below (more here).

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