Jason Eisner’s Outdoor Art Show in Williamsburg

Sure Williamsburg is the ultimate artopolis but who knew that artist Jason Eisner would feel free to install his art show from the “Knucklehead Blues” show at English Kills last December throughout the hood. It’s the lastest blurring of the boundaries between gallery and street.

Eisner’s wooden wall sculpture is bolted/nailed to a construction site at the corner of Bedford Avenue & N4th Street (I think it was 4th).

It is the second work from Eisner’s “Knucklehead Blues” exhibit to appear al fresco in the ‘burg. Last month, I spotted another Eisner from the same show on N5th closer to the river.

A Jason Eisner on Bedford & N4th(?)

Here’s another view of the Bedford installation. And here’s the same piece at English Kills in Bushwick.

One question…is he a street artist now? Has any artist ever gone from gallery to street…doesn’t it usually work the other way around?

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