Faster Hipster, Kill, Kill

It was only a matter of time before hipster lit (hip-lit?) hit the bookstands with full force. Rayo Casablanca’s 6 Sick Hipsters is the latest entry to the genre and check out a review I came across (italics mine):

The premise of Casablanca’s 6 Sick Hipsters is enticing: someone is murdering those atrocious denizens of Williamsburg, Brooklyn known as hipsters. Williamsburg hipsters are not really hip; they are people who rely on the outward trappings of cool. [as opposed to who?] They shop at Urban Outfitters rather than at thrift stores, and what appears to be messy hair is actually perfectly coifed. The indie rock they listen to is all sanctioned by major label distributors and mainstream press. They’re all on the Atkins diet. [you mean vegan] They don’t have real jobs—they get money from their parents—and many of them are in bands that feature Casios. Who doesn’t want to kill a hipster? But the so-called hipsters of Casablanca’s book barely fit the profile at all, and one has to wonder why he considers his characters hipsters and why he’s set the book in Williamsburg.

The book is a frustrating mess of weird incongruities and unresolved threads. [kind of like this review] There’s no indication that “the Whole Sick Crew” actually are hipsters beyond the fact that some of them live in Williamsburg. They don’t appear to have any of the hipster accouterments like jutting hipbones, faux-ironic t-shirts, and trust funds. [one wonders how this faux hipsters got residency permits for Billyburg]

…The group of heroes are called the Whole Sick Crew, but the person who named them acknowledges that they bear no resemblance to the original Whole Sick Crew from Thomas Pynchon’s V. And when they decide to catch the killer, the crew takes on a different name. [huh….am I the only one lost? did he really cite a Pynchon reference?]

6 Sick Hipsters tries to be a scathing commentary on the influence of marketing on youth culture but instead only succeeds as a fluffy murder mystery with a few plot twists that merely hint at what it could have been. (source)

What I think is hilarious is that this awfully grim view of hipsterdom is posted not on MSM but on a site called of all things the

I think this only goes to prove that if you hate hipsters the chances are you are one.

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