LA Times Takes Notice of KalmTV

Yesterday the LA Times featured New York’s beloved “guy on a bike” and reveals James’ real name…gasp!

My favorite is how the LA Times gets in their typical MSM dig against blogging:

“… [the Kalm Report] fills a niche in the New York art world that falls somewhere between the highbrow critics for the glossy art magazines and the cranky, score-settling commentators of the blogosphere.”

What the hell are they talking about? Is the reporter on crack? Score-settling? LOL…oh well, another MSM hack obviously feels threatened (as he should).

Oh and Mr. or Ms. LA Times fact checker, the Brooklyn Rail is a monthly, not a weekly…it’s a simple fact you could’ve Googled or even Wiki‘d…but I guess they don’t have something called the internet at the LA Times?

Check it out: Via YouTube, it’s the Kalm Report

And here’s the YouTube video they discuss in the article:

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