Seamstress to the KKK

In one of the most bizarre photo essays I’ve seen in a while Mother Jones published a series of pics giving us a window into the KKK’s own tailor to the haters (ahem…not the hip hop variety).

Check it out here and btw, you can have your own for $140.

This detail is chilling: “After it is blessed, the robe will be shipped directly to the customer.”

{via Blogian}

3 responses to “Seamstress to the KKK”

  1. […] An absolutely fascinating photo essay about a woman who sews robes for the KKK. (Via Hrag Vartanian.) […]

  2. Aubrey Avatar

    This is terrible.
    A waste of life.
    Racism is a waste of life&&anyone who goes this far with it deserves to die.

  3. rigo Avatar

    why do you do this to poeple you are so mean and not fer and I am not an african amirecan!

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