Who Stole My Street Art?

My writing desk is on N11th and for the last few weeks I’ve really been enjoying the Dan Witz on my street. It was from his new Ugly New Buildings series and it was perfectly suited to hang beside an industrial seeming door.

Today, as Veken and I walked by we toyed with the idea of removing it but the prospect of damaging the piece was to much to bear–well, that and we didn’t want to rob the street of Witz’s brand of hyper-realist humor.

Later in the day, we noticed it was gone (before & after).

Did someone snatch it? Did the building owner gets peeved and yank it off? Either way it pisses me off. Though on Flickr there appears to be a niche market for “Dan Witz ghosts“….who knew?

Then there’s the Jason Eisner (gallery-gone-street) work on Bedford and & N4th. Within a few weeks it’s practically been buried under flyers and posters. How do we make Williamsburg more street art friendly?

The scene on April 20
A Jason Eisner on Bedford & N4th(?)

Today, April 27
Jason Eisner on Bedford & N4th

2 responses to “Who Stole My Street Art?”

  1. Dan Witz rocks for life.

    Have you ever seen his ‘hoodie people, Hrag?
    Those things are creepy as hell.
    Also the hummingbirds are beauties.

  2. I’ve seen the hummingbirds but not the hoodies….got a link? On Flickr, Witz commented that two weeks for his street piece was fine by him…I think he should aim higher. I’d be pissed as hell!

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