American Election Logic

This was too good not to share:

Things I have learned during this campaign season:

  • In a race that includes a former First Lady of the United States and a multimillionaire Republican senator rumored to share up to eight residences with his wife, the black guy from Chicago is unforgivably elitist.
  • Racism in America is caused primarily by black Chicago preachers.
  • The guy who keeps getting confused over the relationship between Iraq, Iran, and al Qaeda is the foreign policy expert.
  • The guy who goes to campaign stops on his wife’s private jet aircraft is the most down-to-earth.
  • People in the heartland don’t like it when you call them bitter, but they do like it when you explain to them that they’re too dumb to understand issues more important than whether or not they like to be called bitter.

Check out the rest over at DailyKos.

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