Louis Vuitton Sucks!

First that shitty French label donated money to Homeland Security during the Brooklyn Museum opening and now they’re suing artist/designer Nadia Plesner for showing {via Eyeteeth}:

“the likeness of a Vuitton bag in a campaign to encourage divestment from Darfur. As a Vuitton lawyer claims in a February cease-and-desist letter, the bag pictured is the Monogram Multicolore, created by Vuitton art director Marc Jacobs and artist Takashi Murakami.”

The artist responded to Vuitton’s letter saying:

“Sometimes recognizable objects are needed to express deeper meanings, and in their new form become more than the objects themselves — they become art.”


God, Vuitton pisses me off and to be honest Murakami looks like an asshole too. I understand they are trying to protect their brand but it’s an art work for chrissake…and one raising money for Darfur no less!

If you want to piss LV off, consider buying one of Plesner’s fundraising t-shirts or posters here.

So what’s next? Paris Hilton suing Plesner for depicting her signature dog in the image?

If you want to laugh read the comments on this post at Techdirt.

4 responses to “Louis Vuitton Sucks!”

  1. I have to say when I read about Nadia Plesner campaign to encourage divestment in Dafur, I thought here we go again, but when I saw what she had created, I was moved to tears. This is brilliant and I am going to buy a couple of tee shirts. So what how much they cost. You cannot put a price on awareness.

  2. Louis Vuitton has lots of problems right now. It amazes me how they have manage to keep the truth out of the media!

    Four or five employees at a Beverly Hills LV store are suing! LV was selling purses made out of ENDANGERED SPECIES(!) to select VIPS out of their Rode Drive store — and then they fired one or two guys who complained that it was illegal! Another former employee is suing because he was not paid overtime. And Jewish lady sued after being fired for complaining that LV was making Jewish employees work on Saturdays and on religious hoiidays.

    Shame on LV!

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