Facebook Book Launch, Chat with Author Jeffrey Feldman

Jeffrey Feldman (aka Frameshop) came up with an inventive way to launch his new book:


Today is the big day!

My new book Outright Barbarous launches today, May 1. Rather than just have it appear on Amazon with an imperceptible “blip,” we are having an online book launch party over at Facebook.

The “party” will last from 9am to as long as I can stay awake (well-past 9pm). During that time, I will be answering questions using the new Facebook chat function.

I will also be rallying everyone to help drive Outright Barbarous to #1 on Amazon.com, today–1 on May 1.

Please stop by and thank you so much for your support!!

Book Launch: (link)

Amazon.com page: (link)

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