Yummy Art Links

  • C-Monster wanders over to Bushwick’s Lumenhouse to check out “Lather, Rinse, Repeat.”
  • Art Threat looks at Jerusalem’s odd Museum of the Seam and this line caught my attention:
    • “While there I saw Orthodox Jews and Muslim women in hijab meditating on the same works and was inspired to linger even longer to absorb the whole of the experience.”
  • Piggy Bank Blues offers the 4-1-1 on basic finance for artists and points out the LMCC has a workshop for art-volk interested in such matters.
  • I’ve been digging Big Sky Brooklyn’s Churches in Brooklyn series here, here and here.
  • This idea I encountered at Art Vent continues to make me think:
    • “Everyone says the print media is suffering from competition with the Internet, and I agree, not for the reasons usually cited but, compared with the Internet where you’re in control of content, magazines are depressing—calculated to make readers feel inadequate in ways that only retail therapy can alleviate, thereby selling ads.
  • C-Monster (doesn’t she create lists anymore?) also takes a gander at the Jewish Museum’s “Action/Abstraction” show and offers some nice pics…and any time Arshile Gorky’s “The Liver is the Cock’s Comb” comes to town it should be noteworthy in my book.
  • And if you’re in Bushwick, Brooklyn why not check out the walking tour of South Bushwick (btw, where is that?).
  • Ed Winkleman reflects on the kindness of art critics and offers:
    • “…so much of the debate about objectivity and avoiding conflicts of interests among critics that we’ve been having lately has rung hollow for me.”

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    Where the hell am I going to get a picture of a dead end street with a turn around? 🙂

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