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David Kramer’s well-crafted “Untitled (Destination)” installation in the storefront display of Trojanowski’s Liquor store on Bedford Ave may be the best of the Bedford Artwalking works. Not because there aren’t equally impressive displays of talent, but because Kramer’s work seems to directly address a major part of the neighborhood’s identity (that the other’s don’t do as well), namely the looming position of Bedford Ave., and Williamsburg in general, as a major cultural mecca.

Positioned in a nice liquor shop, which like all stores of its kind peddles in the illusion of a sophisticated consumer, the art work highlights the similarities between panaceas of all stripes (alcohol, fame, success…). The very unmonumental sign also alludes to the increased marketing of Brooklyn as an epicenter…much like Hollywood…for cultural production.

This tiny proposal (can I call it that?) for a landmark to mark a place with a lot of cultural significance also points out that there is no central rallying point for Brooklyn identity and its decentralized sense of self–I know there’s the Brooklyn Bridge, but does it really signify the new face of north Brooklyn? Coney Island? Gravesend?

The sculpture fully takes advantage of its position in a store window and contributes to the inevitable layering (the stark white letters, streetscape and people endless refract and overlap) that occurs when you walk by. This small chunk of manufactured nature succeeds at being enticing without being obnoxious.

Check out another work by Kramer here and an interview with him here.

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