A Buskers’ Blog

Yesterday I had a round of drinks with some friends at Greenpoint’s Pencil Factory and learned that one of them, Owen Roberts, has started a blog about subway and other public performers…”What a brilliant idea!!” I thought…actually everyone at the table thought that.

Check it out…perfectly titled “Songs Along the Way” the blog includes recordings of subway performers and Owen explains on his blog:

I ride the NYC subway a few times everyday and make sure to always have my ipod recorder with me in case I come across some sweet musician busking by the tracks. The recorder comes with me when I travel other places as well, whether I’m on tour, vacation or lost there’s usually someone nearby with a song to sing.

Btw, Owen is also a musician in his own right and you may want to check him out tomorrow night at Don Hill’s in Tribeca or Rockwood on the LES next Monday.

Now…here’s a random pic of “One Legged Chuck” from the blog about buskers and those who love ’em:

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