Children’s Shoes Anti-War Installation Planned for Central Park

Activist powerhouse, Code Pink is collecting children’s shoes for their WALK IN THEIR SHOES campaign to express the destruction of the Iraqi war through an ad hoc installation. The NY chapter of Code Pink came up with the concept as part of their Listen Hillary campaign and it later became a codepink national campaign.

I received this appeal today and wanted to pass it along to those that may have kid’s shoes to spare:

CODEPINK NYC is currently collecting used children’s shoes for a visual display of the costs of the Iraq war. We need the shoes by Monday, June 16 for use later in the week. (See description of WORLD REFUGEE DAY event below). Shoes may be dropped at the CODEPINK NYC office (630 9th Avenue near 45th St., 2nd floor) during regular business hours.

Here’s more about the June 20 event & how the shoes will be used

At the Merchants Gate of Central Park in New York City on Friday, June 20th—WORLD REFUGEE DAY—CODEPINK NYC will be partnering with the American Friends Service Committee and other groups to create a visual display of the costs of the Iraq war for the people of that country.

Today, as a direct result of the U.S. invasion and occupation or their country, 8 million Iraqis live in poverty and more than 15% of Iraqi civilians have fled their homes. More than 2 million have sought refuge in neighboring countries and an estimated 2.4 million are internally displaced.

To commemorate this terrible crisis, CODEPINK NYC will re-launch our WALK IN THEIR SHOES campaign by lining up dozens of pairs of children’s shoes labeled with the names of Iraqi children who have died violent deaths in the past five years. We will simultaneously run a Congressional Phone-a-thon, asking passersby to call on their elected officials to co-sponsor a House bill supporting Iraqi refugees.

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