World’s Strangest Alcohol Shot

Today, I was made aware of the world’s most rancid liquor shot, easily the lowest humanity has to offer…no, really, I don’t think anyone can beat it…it’s called the NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE (though I’m also told it’s called the Santa Monica Freeway) and I had to pass along this bit of useful knowledge:

New Jersey Turnpike
This shot must occur in a bar; preferably at the end of the night at the scummiest one you find.

  • One Bar Mat
  • One Bar Rag

Take the bar mat and squeeze into a shot glass. Top with what you can squeeze out of the bar rag. Then go get a hepatitus shot. Note, if you sprinkle parmesan cheese on this shot, it turns into a whole other shot entitled “Dirty Panties” which is equally gross.

{via Drastic Days, hat tip Nat G}

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