Scott McClellan Spills His Guts to Dan Rather at 92Y

I took Veken to an event at the 92Y featuring former White House spokeman Scott McClellan being interviewed by MSM bigwig Dan Rather (event link).

Planned way before McClellan became the far right’s favorite “traitor,” the event–I overheard others saying–was originally slated for a smaller hall but moved to the biggest auditorium when interest ballooned as a result of the author’s recent notoreity…remember he wrote the Bush administration tell-all memoir, What Happened.

Protestor in front of the 92Y during the Scott McClellan/Dan Rather Interview

Arriving at the 92Y there were a few protesters, including this man above, who couldn’t believe we all forked out $26 each to listen to a man capitalizing on hypocrisy…point taken but I can live with it. Another group called EMBEDDED BLANKET OF LIES were also present and they had distributed postcards inside (clever), which was how many of us realized what they were all about.

A view of the Scott McClellan/Dan Rather interview at the 92Y

McClellan didn’t drop any bombshells like he did on Tim Russert (see the YouTube video here), but he did talk a lot about the inner workings of the White House and how decisions were made.

He said he had personal respect for George W. Bush but not professional respect. He discussed various turning points in his career with Dubya, including the Valerie Plame leak, and how slowly his belief in the President was eroded until he felt he had to quit.

The first half hour of the interview was worthwhile but soon after McClellan started engaging in long winded answers that felt like political sidestepping (he was the White House spokesperson after all)…but all in all he came off as more intelligent than he does on television and made us (he subtly called all of us in the audience “liberal New York elite”) pray that Obama wins in November.

How did Dan Rather do? Alright, not great…Rather just doesn’t go for the jugular….why is that?

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