4 Super Short Videos from Bushwick Open Studios – Ann Oren, Karla Cabuller, Max Abeles & John Nicholson

Here are four short videos (<90 sec.) from my tour of the Bushwick Open Studios.

Ann Oren’s “The Factory” (2008)


Presented at her studio at 117 Grattan St., Ann Oren‘s video installation depicts a supervisor with a bullhorn trying to encourage the lazy workers to up their production of some unknown product. Oren plays all the roles in the video piece.
Karla Cabuller’s “Licking” (2007)


Part of the “Cup of Soup” group show at 248 McKibbin St.
Max Abeles’ “040801” (2008)


100 Thames St. – Art and machine have never had a more retro union than in this sculpture.
Recreating Brion Gyson’s “Dream Machine” in John Nicholson’s Studio at Grace Exhibition Space


According to Wikipedia: “With Sommerville, he built the Dreamachine in 1961. Described as ‘the first art object to be seen with the eyes closed,’ the flicker device uses alpha waves in the 8-16 Hz range to produce a change of consciousness in receptive viewers.”

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