My Bushwick Open Studios Photo Tour on ArtCal

Photo from the "Punctuated Equilibrium V. 2.0: American Chimera" installation by the Liar Collective

This year’s three-day Bushwick Open Studios (BOS) – part of the larger Bushwick Open Studios & Arts Festival – landed on a blistering weekend in June that hindered studio hopping for everyone but the artistically most adventurous. The event demonstrated the growing presence of this north Brooklyn neighborhood in the city’s artscape. A mixed bag of quality and vision, BOS has grown to include hundreds of artists in about 100 locations.

From the neighborhood’s new downtown area near the Morgan L stop to the cemeteries near Jackie Robinson parkway, this huge swathe of New York’s most populous borough attracted over a thousand art tourists from near and far.

Now with various non-profit institutions (Lumenhouse, 3rd Ward), four art galleries (Ad Hoc, English Kills, Pocket Utopia, Factory Fresh), a burgeoning downtown area (Morgantown) and an artistic energy that encourages experimentation, the latest installment of BOS may be proving that Bushwick is getting ready for a bigger role in the city’s creative life.

Btw, I’ll be posting my MUCH bigger photo tour of BOS 2008 tonight or tomorrow (200+ photos)…so, stay tuned! My biggest regret is that I couldn’t see everything!

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