Bushwick Open Studios 2008 – The Complete Flickr Set

I did it…I apologize if I’ve mislabeled a few things but I think I did a fairly good job putting together 189 photographs from my two days doing the rounds. ArtCal got the short version but here’s the whole enchilada!

Some highlights and things you may not know–Enjoy:

  • Coatcheck at Factory Fresh’s opening party was $5….though I doubt it
  • Is that bikini painted on that mannequin?
  • Just in case you thought you were at the Bushwick Open Studios to see dog shit…you were wrong!
  • Look…there’s Eliot Spitzer!
  • If we “abolish sadness“…what will happen to the pharmaceutical companies?
  • Did you know “Bisexuality is for hipsters“…I sure did!
  • My favorite sculpture at BOS 2008…Joy Curtis’ “Eight” (2008)
  • The “Portraits of Yoda” show was really just a whoooole lotta portraits of the little green guy…gosh he’s kinda cute.

Btw…I’m writing a long review for the Brooklyn Rail that comes out next month….stay tuned

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