A Week of Photographic Transitions

Kim Holleman OLD WORLD ORDER mural in Bushwick (2004)

For about a week I’ve been cleaning house and I barracked myself in my Chelsea apartment until it was done–though reading, non-blog writing, sleeping, web-surfing, wedding hopping and other things also got in the way.

Corner of Thames & Morgan

Now I’ve finally did what I’ve been dreading to do….I’ve abandoned my old Picasa account (barely anything there now) and moved all my 2007 photos over to the infinitely better Flickr service. Here’s the hit parade:

It has been a cleansing process but one wrapped up with sad feelings and fond memories. I love Google for everything else in my life (email, docs, calendar, reader and even finance) but the photo application just sucks…what can I say, any chance Google can fork over a few billion for Flickr before Microsoft snatches it up?

Armenian Genocide denial rally in Times Square, 2007

Needless to say, my more regular blogging will resume this week…

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