Colors & Shapes of Somaliland

My friend Emily Meehan not only went to Kenya but Somaliland…she’s posted some amazing photos from her travels. Color doors and gates seem to dominate the urbanscape.

This door is stunning.

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  1. Yusuf Dahir Avatar

    Colors and shapes of Somaliland.
    Thanks Emely for showing and sharing the rest of the world for your experience of Somaliland, as a Somalilander who lives in Canada i thank you for reminding and sharing with us and the rest of the world Colors and shapes of Somaliland which recalls our memories when Somaliland was ground zero every major city, town, village, it is amazing to see how fast it recovered of all that disaster with out the help of any one for 18 years only, it deserves a whole lot of respect and support let alone recognition. we really admired the type of policy it took which is ” let the past take it’s piece ” in other words forgive but not to forget what Somaliland went through after one single mistake it had made in 1960 and that was looking for greater Somalia, the five Somali speaking regions in the horn, NFD the eastern region of Kenya, Reserve Area and Ogaden of Ethiopia, Italian Somalia, Djibouti.
    That was the impossible reunion and it failed and Somaliland was held there in Italian Somalia for a hostage from 1969 after a millitery cue till 1988. A heavy price was paid, but all that Somaliland is asking now is to be left alone.
    Thanks Emely
    Yusuf Dahir
    Alberta Canada.

  2. Emily Meehan Avatar

    Hrag, thank you for the post!
    Yusuf, thank you for the comment. I was amazed by the craftsmanship of doors, the building exteriors and the color combinations in Somaliland. What a wonderful place. It has had a miraculous recovery from Siad Barre’s bombardment.
    Emily Meehan.

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