Mary Hill in “This Horse is Confused” Opens Friday in W’burg

I know Paddy Fresh Linked this earlier this month but I just realized the opening show includes work by Mary Hill, who I praised in the Brooklyn Rail this month for her delightful “Eight Oranges and an Eastern Oyster” at the Bushwick Open Studios….but now it is time to see if her next showing is as good as her last…

She tells me that it’s the “first opening…of this roving art space” and there will be a “good amount of Butternuts beer” on hand….hmmm….interesting….

Here’s the 411:

The Errant Garrison (a collaborative installation by Mary Hill & Tryn Collins)
166 North 12th Street
July 25 – August 14, 2008
Opening: Friday, July 25, 6 – 9PM

All the info on ArtCal here.

The funniest line from the press release is:

The installation includes small sounds and quiet furnishings–so simple it laughs behind our backs.

Well, they’ve certainly piqued my curiosity.

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