The iPhone in Art

Olympia Lambert of Oly’s Musings comments on “Teresa” (2008) by street/gallery artist Dan Witz featuring a nude woman lovingly starting at her iPhone:

the beatification of a living woman by way of her iPhone…

Part of the “Dangerous Women” show at DFN Gallery (until Aug. 29, 2008), I guess it was only a matter of time that the Jesus phones started popping up on canvases.

Is it just me or does his dreamy style remind you a little of Ossawa Tanner [here’s a link to his “Spinning by Firelight” (1894) at Yale and his super-famous “Banjo Lesson” (1893) at Virginia’s Hampton Univ. Museum].

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  1. […] is an aside titled ‘iPhone in a Painting’ dated 8/8/08 “Teresa” by Dan Witz: a painting of a nude woman playing with her iPhone. Quite nice, […]

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