Interviewing Artists About Their Day Jobs

I got this email today from filmmaker Danny Powell about his KEEPING THE LIGHTS ON online series and it sounds interesting:

…I thought you might be interested in knowing about my new documentary series “Keeping the Lights On.”  This series profiles talented artists of all kinds who don’t make a full-time living from their art but rather work all sorts of other jobs to pay the bills…

The first installment is up in its entirety and the second installment is four episodes deep thus far.  Both installments feature New York City artists and there are many more to come.

You can check out the series at the following link here.

I also want to build a kind of community around the series where artists can come to discuss how they balance creating art and working day jobs, network, share their art, promote their shows, etc.  We’re still in the early stages of this but I’m hopeful that with enough interest we can begin to build it up pretty quickly.

Here’s is his interview with Brooklyn-based visual artist George Ferrandi.

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