W’burg’s Kiqstart Music Makes Waves in New York & the Caribbean

Williamsburg’s brand spanking new Kiqstart Music, a music management & marketing company, is alrady making waves. Only four months old and headquartered near McCarren Park, Kiqstart was begun by Veken Gueyikian (yup, that one) and Justin Seidenberg who just set up the company’s Chicago office.
Kiqstart has a solid rock focus and represents a number of acts including New York rockers Kill the Alarm & America’s premier Pink Floyd tribute band, Think Floyd. Also in their stable are star drummer Kenny Aronoff and music engineer Matt Shane.
Now for news about what they’re up to.
BIG STORY #1: Pink Floyd on the Caribbean

Kiqstart’s latest and greatest venture is Great Gig in the Sea, which is the first-ever Pink Floyd-themed cruise from Miami to the Bahamas–I can’t believe no one thought about this before.
Since they announced it last month the event has generated buzz on Rolling Stone, Gawker and USA Today…not to mentioned the music blogosphere which is eating it up.
The ship is set to sail from May 1-4, 2009 and should be a blast!
Check out the item/link below:

During the Floyd-fest cruisers will be treated to special shows each night, such as Dark Side of the Moon performed in its entirety. There will also be “special guests,” Pink Floyd trivia, parties and games…and considering the crowd there may very well be tons of other party favors on board!
If you want to book or spread the word click here!

This Friday Kiqstart’s KILL THE ALARM is playing Bowery Ballroom for the second time this year (they sold out the first performance back in January) and it’s expected to be amazing.
To check out their music (available on iTunes & elsewhere) visit here.

Doors open 8pm and tickets are $13 in advance and $16 at the door.

Something tells me that this is just the start for Kiqstart…once they get going there may be no stopping them!

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