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  1. China is the poster child for human rights violations so why is this such a surprise. Be grateful that they did not make the“flawed” little girl have plastic surgery to look like Paris Hilton.

  2. How good does that food look! So pretty!

    at least if we can’t taste it we can “see” it..

    btw. I love getting your links like this and included in your feed!

  3. I still do not understand how China was chosen to host the games. Not too much coverage on the athletes but lots of attention of China. I thoughts the Olympics were to promote good will between athletes and their countries, not visual beauty or perspectives on perfection and national pride. I guess the next games will be held in Zimbabwe, god only knows what Mugabe will come up with.

  4. I think the China that we thought the world was getting seven years ago is a world away from the one today…I think the West was naive and thought that China could change…boy were we fooled.

  5. Their police just roughed up British journalists. Payback for creating opium addicts. Hey I just answered my own question about how China was chosen. The druggies must stick together, united they stand and fall down.

  6. Uh… ermm…. uh… I love you, Hrag. I do. But some of that “food” literally looks like morsels of human innards covered in pools of spilt milk. (And that sweetbread beyond looks like a grilled penis with coagulated blood on top.) (As does Ms. Bourgeouis’ sculptures, too). I challenge anyone here to a duel to challenge this description based on Ms. Monster’s photo. 🙂

    Shudder!!! E-GONADS!!

    It’s like “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” in high-def!!

    I guess you just can’t take the old-fashioned small town suthaaarrrn girl outta me. Sure, it’s cool to look at, but I sure ain’t gonna eat it. We prefer our fried chicken with collard greens and cheese grits washed down with some cherry pie as the stuff we mouth water over.


  7. LOL Oly, you’re too much…More than the food I WANT THE RESERVATION! I have a friend from London who says she calls the place every couple of months and has yet to score a reservation. Can you imagine the bundle I’d make on eBay or Craigslist!?!?!

  8. Isn’t it enough that you always have a reservation at MY table, Hrag? Well, now …. ISN’T IT???



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