Williamsburg Developers Like Street Art…Huh?

Veken spotted this giant panel a few days ago at N9th & Driggs and fantasized about taking it down.

Today, he walked by and saw the developer (or who he assures me definitely looked like the developer) ripping it down with 5 construction workers decked out in orange vests and the whole 9 yards.

Veken approached the men and asked if he could have it. The developer guy said no, looked a little shifty and then explained he was going to put it back up! Veken didn’t really buy the story.

Now…just a few minutes ago, Veken reports that the workers put it back up and did a better job of attaching it to the barrier and even moved it one panel over (here is a detail of what it looked like before).

Is this an ad? Was that the artist masquerading as the developer with 5 construction dudes? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!?!?

Something’s fishy in Billyburg!

7 responses to “Williamsburg Developers Like Street Art…Huh?”

  1. i’m not sure what happened either. i put it up one sunday morning, and when i came back a few days later to shoot it, it had been moved. then it was just taken down. hopefully someone has it somewhere and it didn’t get dumpstered.

  2. beats me. maybe someone else just took it. i use one-way screws so it has to be pried off, which it was. they re-posted it with regular screws.

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