Review of “Suspension: Liz Ainslie & Evan Reehl Ryer”

Posted on ArtCal yesterday, here’s the intro I penned for two Brooklyn artists (Liz Ainslie & Evan Reehl Ryer) showing at the unorthodox Spazio 522 space in Chelsea:

Pictures and words don’t always make ideal companions and often make awkward lovers but fortunately for Liz Ainslie and Evan Reehl Ryer they are both visual artists while I am left with the difficult task of writing about these two who seem to mambo (visually anyway) with flair.

Ainslie’s work is an odd mixture of Giorgio Morandi‘s hazy vision and Ad Reinhardt‘s floating geometry. She has a knack for painting simple compositions which slowly reveal themselves to be complex, moody and sophisticated. Ryer’s work is fast, layered and jarring. They look like Henri Matisse collages on crystal meth…

Read the rest here.

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