Draw-a-thon Launches During Panda Riot in Wiliamsburg

The entrance to Jack the Pelican during Michael Alan's "Draw-a-thon"

It was another Saturday night in north Brooklyn and after attending the opening of “Maximum Perception: Contemporary Brooklyn Performance” at English Kills in Bushwick I went to Veken’s office in Wiliamsburg and came across Jack the Pelican’s eight hour “Draw-a-thon.”

Two people decked out in furry bizarre outfits tried to convince me to partake. A sandwich board screamed at me and I peaked in and saw three naked people and objects in a pile while a ring of professional and amateur artists drew them.

The “Draw-a-thon” is going on every Saturday in August from 4pm – 12am.

More info at Michael Alan Art.


Now the Panda Riot. Veken and I were walking to the Driggs entrance of the Bedford L station and saw a helicopter and a spotlight circling overhead. There were tons of cop cars around and it looked like there was some kind of crowd along Bedford.

I twittered it then dismissed it as some fugitive on the loose (I had lived in Bushwick when it wasn’t a big deal to see copters and cops) but today learned via Stuff Hipsters Don’t Like & YouTube that the story is kind of different:

Basically all this shit started in Union Square. There were all these douchebags dressed up as pandas. They annouce to the crowd that they would be taking people to the party spot, and free beer would be waiting for us. The train ride was hilarious, it basically hipsters gone wild. But anyways, the party lasted for 5 to 10 minutes. Then the cops came and some pandas became extinct. So, they relocated the “party”, which turned into a bullshit riot.

Looks like the NYPD over-reacted.

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