5 Performances Open “Maximum Perception: Contemporary Brooklyn Performance”

Last Saturday, English Kills’ “Maximum Perception: Contemporary Brooklyn Performance” opened with no fewer than four…actually fivemaybe even six if you count James Kalm’s video report (which I’ve always considered part performance/part reportage)…performances.

Official performances:

Holly Farout + Sarah H. Paulson's Performance on Saturday, August 15, 2008 (7pm)

A “guerrilla” performance:

  • all-day by Rob Andrews in front of the gallery building (see photos below); and

A spontaneous performance:

  • by Huong Ngo & Colin McMullan who while they were chatting with Veken about their non-conventional performance style then informed him that they were in fact performing as they sat and chatted with him. Veken was understandably confused.


What would a delightful afternoon of performance be without a guerrilla performer….out front Rob Andrews, pictured on the invite postcard, was chained to a light pole wearing a blue latex bull mask.

For hours on end, Andrews lay on the ground in front of a covered garbage storage bin barefoot and with his belly hanging out like a heroin addict or drunk (maybe a little of both) in a state of half-slumber and half-homelessness.

I personally found it interesting not only for the bizarre setting and mask but also for the reaction of people walking by and coming across the artist vagabond. And because it was Bushwick the only thing that tipped me off that it was an art performance, as opposed to some bizarre drug lord sex slave,  was the mask.

Guerrilla Performance by Rob Andrews at English Kills "Maximum Perception: Contemporary Brooklyn Performance"

Guerrila Performance by Rob Andrews

Guerrila Performance by Rob Andrews

Guerilla Performance on Forrest Street by Rob Andrews

Guerilla Performance on Forrest Street by Rob Andrews

For “Maximum Perception” full weekend performance schedule look here.

Curator Peter Dobill told me that next Sunday is sure to be intense as he will perform all day by cutting himself once a minute for hours on end.

Also, check out James Kalm’s excellent & concise video report from “Maximum Perception” on BlipTV here or watch it below:


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