A Tale of Two Convention Podiums

Hmm…what do these say to you?

The RNC podium says:

  • low-budget
  • nationalism
  • Americana
  • World Wrestling Federation
  • the 20th C.

The DNC set-up says:

  • high-budget
  • fresh
  • media-friendly
  • elegant
  • the future

Now let’s see which one translates into votes.

12 responses to “A Tale of Two Convention Podiums”

  1. Louisya Avatar

    Now Hrag how do you really feel?

    The RNC podium says:

    World Wrestling Federation
    the 20th C.

  2. hv Avatar

    Yeah, I’m shy about my feelings….LOL

  3. Louisya Avatar

    Rep: old america

    Dem: new america

    neither represent the future though

  4. hv Avatar

    I guess we all have different ideas about the future but Obama is closer to my perspective of what that is.

  5. Louisya Avatar

    I meant the convention podium pictures

  6. Art Avatar


    school assembly.


    the oscars.

  7. maro Avatar

    i think the democrats are waaaaay more creative!

  8. houri Avatar

    Actually, the Rep’s looks scary to me almost Hitlerian with straight lines, it reminds me of a flag that has the straight line stars (British?).
    More importantly, I’m actually excited to be watching the Dem convention for the first time in years!!!

  9. houri Avatar

    remembered later, it reminds me of the confederate flag…. I’m sure the southern base will appreciate it 😉

  10. C-Monster Avatar

    They both say: “We’re spending buckets of money so that hosers in animal-themed headgear can experience a balloon drop.”

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  12. Amy Shaw Avatar

    Agree with Houri.

    Republicans: looks positively Soviet. A place where dreams die.

    Democrats: like the set for a U2 concert. Also kinda Vegas/Disney. I love how the rainbow effect of the color scheme is red and blue melding to purple.

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