Russia TV Reports on RNC 2008 Protests, (In Engl.)

There were 800+ arrests at the 2008 RNC according to Pacifica Radio, that’s more than the 1968 DNC convention (589 arrests). Among the detainees were over two dozen journalists, videographers and artists documenting the RNC.

I’m a little embarassed that I didn’t know third-party candidate, Ralph Nader, was also having a convention across the river from St. Paul, Minnesota in Minneapolis.

Why did the MSM U.S. focused on Sarah Palin and not the protests outside?

2 responses to “Russia TV Reports on RNC 2008 Protests, (In Engl.)”

  1. Philly Avatar

    Have not heard a thing about protests. I am passing it on to all my friends. Keep up the good work Hrag.

  2. John Hoff Avatar

    Extensive inside accounts of protests, tear gassings, etc. are on my blog,

    Of course, I have many, many standard rally and march photos, so search for terms like “tear gas” and “mayhem” on my blog to find the postings focusing on the arrests, etc.

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