Bushwick’s “Cloud City Parade” Provides Some Sunshine

I finally know what it is like to miss my destiny. I thought I was destined to participate in Bushwick’s “Cloud City Parade” that was part of English Kills’ “Maximum Perception: Contemporary Brooklyn Performance” show that closed yesterday. It would have been the only time in my life that the cloud tattoo on my back would’ve proved useful. Unfortunately, family obligations changed my destiny and my tattoo is again (alas!) useless.

Luckily, Hong-An Truong posted photos from the event on Facebook today…check’em out below.

Also, I got to interview one of the performance artists, Huong Ngo, about the unique parade that transformed Forrest Street one Sunday night….and as it turns out, Cloud City wasn’t a one time thing and, according to Huong, the Cloud City movement is only gaining speed…so perhaps my destiny was only deferred!

HV.com: What is Cloud City?
Huong Ngo: Cloud City is a utopia, a haven from the boring boring, the *train-train quotidien,* the endless horizon of work work and no play. In its parade form, it is simultaneously a social critique on nationalism, a call for revolution, and a celebration of innocence and the ephemeral.

Where is Cloud City?
Cloud City is in our hearts and in our minds. It can exist forever without a physical space on which it must depend for its ever-changing identity. The Co-Mayoral Body (The Mercury Twins) is currently auditioning several sites on which a physical manifestation of Cloud City may be built for those who insist upon occupying a three-dimensional space. Thusly, they may safely hang their hats and drift alongside with abandon.

What inspired you to launch this parade?
We wanted to try an alternate mode of performance, get the word out about Cloud City, and most importantly, host an ice cream social. The parade was the most logical aesthetic solution. Those who participated in the parade as clouds and as spectators formed an instant community, and were granted a passport to the city.

Why Bushwick?
Bushwick has a bit of Cloud City, and Cloud City of Bushwick. It is a living, thriving community of artists, business owners, neighbors, and workers who are creating a beautiful world for one another. There is a great energy in Bushwick along with a persistent DIY attitude and limitless spunk.

I want to be part of Cloud City. What can I do?
I like your attitude. You’ve already got some Cloud City in you. Well, Cloud City is looking for good sites to build its physical manifestation. We plan to host mini artist residencies alongside a main street, library, community garden, and many more establishments. We will develop alternate means of gifting and exchange. We are looking for a lot of participation and a lot of space. Got any ideas? You can contact us at monohaha (at) gmail (dot) com.

4 responses to “Bushwick’s “Cloud City Parade” Provides Some Sunshine”

  1. Amy Shaw Avatar

    Buncha freakin artsy hippies taking over Bushwick!!

    Just kidding. I love hippies. And clouds too. Yay!

  2. celso Avatar

    LOVE IT! gotta get to cloud city…

  3. Oly Avatar

    If I am not mistaken, that is Mr. EmceeCM, Colin McMullin, Master of None, on the bicycle.

    He is truly amazing– from his junk drawer idea, to the corner library stuff.

    Love it all.

  4. Amanda Rocca Avatar
    Amanda Rocca


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