This is Why I Miss Bushwick

The guerrilla performance by Rob Andrews at English Kills “Maximum Perception: Contemporary Brooklyn Performance” in August 16, 2008 reminded me why I appreciated that north Brooklyn neighborhood.

Living in Manhattan doesn’t cut it. I always sensed Brooklyn would be closer to my multicultural sensibility.

3 responses to “This is Why I Miss Bushwick”

  1. U cant take the bushwick outta u. There is something real,raw and untouched about bushwick. Its definitely a place to experiment and create something new without having to be or conform to anything like the “hipster” label that williamsburg inhereted. Its like a freezone for art.

  2. 1. I hate the Olive Garden
    2. I like hipsters and I don’t understand why people don’t
    3. I don’t like the real-ness of Bushwick as much as its lack of a dominant culture
    4. I lied I kind of like Olive Garden

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