Valie Export at “Street Art Street Life” at the Bronx Museum

7 responses to “Valie Export at “Street Art Street Life” at the Bronx Museum”

  1. Hrag Avatar

    I don’t think so, while Kulik’s is cool…Valie Export did this in the 1960s. A few decades earlier.

  2. M. Cameron Boyd Avatar

    You are correct: I confused Valie w Sophie (Calle). Valie’s “man on leash” is first & that makes it “best.” (Need I mention that Valie’s original “Action Pants: Genital Panic” was decidedly better than Marina Abramovic’s Nov. ’07 re-creation at the Guggenheim?

  3. hv Avatar

    I don’t know about earlier is better, but I like the “vintage” look of the Vaile piece. Btw, I checked out your blog and it’s quite good.

  4. M. Cameron Boyd Avatar

    Ah, yes . . . vintage: kind of like Irving Klaw’s photos of Bettie Page. Enjoyed your blog as well – shall we trade links?

  5. Hrag Avatar

    Just what I was thinking…let’s…

  6. M. Cameron Boyd Avatar

    Done! Good chatting. And add to your email list, too:

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