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  1. I read that…I know it’s frustrating but reviews don’t always work…try coming up with something uniquely Oly…have an opinion on a current topic or issue….love you Oly!

  2. Thanks, babe.
    But sorry, I gots ta disagree.
    What my thing IS that’s uniquely me is writing full show reviews because it seems no one else seems to be doing it.
    It seems like just in the past four months or so most art blogs have abandoned show reviews and are reposting what someone else posted, or what’s available at a newspaper, or magazine.
    I don’t think need to hear what the NY Times said today, or Ed Winkleman said, or multiple links to the same article across the board because we can all go there to see what they said.
    Tyler, Paddy, Sharon and Carolina lately all just keep reposting links to “this, this and this.”
    There’s rarely criticsm of shows whatsoever except for their freelancing– Paddy at the L Magazine, for instance, which totally rocks because that’s so totally her unqiue voice.
    I just don’t feel the need to repost someone else’s original writing.
    I just feel so many of these bloggers have begun to get totally lazy (myself included).
    Sorry for me being so cranky, but this thing has totally set me off today.
    Your best stuff by far is when you talk about a show you saw, an artist that’s worth noting, or event– because it’s YOU and your writing.
    That’s why I continue to read you.
    It’s the real journalism thing coming out cuz you’re a fan-fucking-tastic writer.
    Constant linkage just seems akin to what goes across the CNN and FOX news chyron at the bottom of the tv screen. It feels distracting.

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