An Experiment in Twittering a Panel Discussion

Triangle Arts Workshop Panel Discussion
Ok, I tried it and maybe it wasn’t really successful (not this time around) but it sure beat sitting there and taking notes…oh wait, kind of the same thing.

I attended the Triangle Arts Workshop panel discussion on “Eternity?: Do you imagine your art as lasting into perpetuity or do you make it to exist only for its time?” and let my thoughts/tweets/notes flow unfiltered (which has its pros & cons)…hope I don’t live to regret it.

This is what I tweeted chronologically from first to last (Twitter links included):

  1. Going to try twittering a panel I’m attending at Triangle on the longevity of art and its materials (link).
  2. Photographer asked about role time/longevity plays in her work since photography is about stopping time (link)
  3. Answers: Photog answers technology often becomes fetishizes over time like daguerrotypes (link).
  4. Another panelist/artist: Topic turns to death. Longevity is about mortality? Brings up Eva Hesse & eventfulness. {not sure what that means} (link)
  5. Critic panelist: more about the artists ‘system’…this one is confusing but there was a fight on the panel…gettin’ good (link).
  6. Another panelist: says he is a 1980s doom generation kid & can’t stand creating in ‘permanent’ materials….what a freak (link).
  7. Doom generationer says it’s more about ideas and not objects (link).
  8. Some just lobbed the white male bomb into the conversation (link).
  9. Good question: did the cave painters think their work would last (link)?
  10. One panelist thinks Nan Goldin won’t last as time goes on (link).

At this point I got up to take some pics and realized how tough it is to tweet during a panel…let’s see if it gets easier…

2 responses to “An Experiment in Twittering a Panel Discussion”

  1. Tweeting the panel was a noble idea! Maybe the people around you didn’t understand what was going on (because they’re out of the loop). I say continue on in the face of adversity. Because really, you were taking notes for the public who couldn’t be there.

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