East Asia Soo Owns Us…

I got this invite in the mail last week and it blew my mind. Not that it’s a nice invite, which it is, but that it was mailed to me from Arario Beijing for a show that is three avenues away from my house in Chelsea.

The invitation is for the Nalini Malani show at Arario New York. Coincidentally, the Chinese and American galleries are branches of the original gallery in Seoul, South Korea.

This is the kind of decadence that comes from economic might. They couldn’t be bothered to ship the invites to New York and mail it here….wow….I’m speechless.

Then again in the globalized economy it was probably cheaper to print them in China and pay the extra postage. As someone who has shopped around for print job prices I know that farming out the job to China would easily be 80% cheaper than printing it anywhere in North America.

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