The Useful Tattoo

Who knew tattoos could be useful. I have two and I never thought about making it something with a utilitarian purpose! Damn I’m an idiot. Check out the wrist tat by muralist Erik of Bushwick (yes, I’ve just coined him a medieval sounding name) it’s rather awesome (via BushwickBK).

Complete Flickrset here.

4 responses to “The Useful Tattoo”

  1. paul Avatar

    i have zero, but this could be reason enough to get one.

    ok, hrag, what are your two? or is this a family show?

  2. Hrag Avatar

    Hmmm….I think I’ll going to post them soon and there’s nothing X-rated…no worries.

  3. Amy Avatar

    Brilliant! Though I have no tattoos myself, I think I’m now a fan of the utilitarian tattoo. Same category: the ruler tattooed on a guy’s arm that I saw at the Flea a while back, too:

    – Amy

  4. libhomo Avatar

    That is so hysterical.

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