My First Week on Art21

Photos of "Party at Phong's House" at Janet Kurnatowski

It’s been an active week as I added my two cents to PBS’ Art21 as a guest blogger and here’s what I accomplished online:

Monday: They introduce me and then I grab the mike.

Tuesday: I decide to clean out my closet (and trade up) at the very enjoyable “Have a Painting? Leave a Painting. Need a Painting? Take a Painting” exhibit.

Wednesday: I follow my gut that something is bubbling up in Brooklyn’s abstract art scene and take a gander at the Chris Martin-curated “Party at Phong’s House” at Greenpoint’s Janet Kurnatowski (pictured above)–I think I’m proven right (touchdown!).

Thursday: Links galore! Including the C-Monster the Better vs. the C(ulture) Monster the Poseur smackdown.

Friday: I listened to (and tweeted) the Triangle Workshop’s Wednesday night panel discussion.

Ahhh…can’t wait to see what I have in store for week two….MWAAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA……(I don’t even know why I added that egomaniacal laugh but it worked for me)…

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  1. […] Time’s Richard Lacayo for the kind words. Also, many, many thanks to Freese, Small Drawings, Hrag Vartanian, ‘Bout What I Sees and Making a Mark for drawing attention to this ridiculosity. In the meantime, […]

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