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  • Powhida sees something beneficial in this new financial crisis…a much needed reassessment of recent art: "I expect we will see a lot of discussion, debate, and movement to define what the last decade was really about. What will the story be? The umbrella of post-modernism is wearing thin."
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  1. […] “The umbrella of post-modernism is wearing thin.” (Via Hrag.) […]

  2. William Powhida Avatar


    What do you think about the possibility of a reassessment? Do you think that the critical establishment will fill the place of power that money and collectors have played in the last five or six years? Potentially we could see the Miami fairs have very weak sales, galleries selling nothing for months, and auctions flooded with unproven work; all of which will cause havoc in the art market. Not only will artists have trouble selling new work, their old work might take a serious hit in value if it doesn’t sell at auction, and once the prices of art are driven down it will no longer look like a viable investment. My hope is that collectors don’t flood with the market, because if they do, they will find themselves much worse off than if they just held onto it for awhile.

    I’m all for a sober reassessment of art, but it’s going to be painful if it happens.

  3. hv Avatar

    I think a reassessment is necessary. I think critics are working in a very important time and the freedom we are allotted (since most of us make NO money at it) will allow us to speak truth to power. I think whatever the critical debate the result will be the new framework for the future of art.

    I don’t see artists challenging the status quo at the moment (not the way some of us would like them to) so critics may be our last hope…does that sound dire?

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