Most Think Olafur Elliasson’s Waterfalls Sucked

The unscientific poll on Curbed went live yesterday and continues to evolve (those who hated the waterfalls were only at 42% yesterday) but I think most people, including me, agree Olafur Eliasson’s project was a lame, expensive and poorly thought out concept.

Regardless of how the idea of the Waterfalls seduced Mayor “Gimme a Third Term” Bloomberg, the Mayor and all New Yorker were scammed by an artist who should’ve known better.

Can someone ask Christ & Jeanne-Claude to come back?

2 responses to “Most Think Olafur Elliasson’s Waterfalls Sucked”

  1. Oly Avatar

    The squirrels in the trees are very happy that their nuts will no longer be salted!



  2. […] Take a poll to decide whether Olafur Eliasson’s Waterfalls “sucked big time” or were “the best thing ever.” (Via Hrag Vartanian.) […]

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