The Two Virginias

Today, Veken and I were canvassing for Obama in Roanoke, Virginia. We knocked on 128 doors today and got to speak to a wide range of people.

I spoke to a 92 year old WWII veteran who seemed to have a fondness for Obama to a 60-something housing complex custodian who screamed “where was he born?” as we drove away.

People have generally been nice and I don’t feel out of place. Roanoke is a small city with a big heart.

Tonight, we were in the Obama office and saw one of the flyer that the hate-mongering American Family Assoc. was distributing in downtown Roanoke. It said Obama was in support of teaching homosexuality in schools. We got home and turned on the TV to discover some horrible attack ads. One GOP ad slammed a Democratic candidate as a New York liberal. How is that different from a San Francisco liberal?

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