Painting of Muslim-Seeming Woman Craddling Pig Ignites Violence & Protest

British artist Sarah Maple is known for her controversial images (like the one above) but now one of her works is (literally) under attack:

Maple’s painting of a Muslim woman cradling a pig was immediately criticized by the Muslim Association of Britain, and while they stressed their opposition to violence, others seemed to take a different approach.

The gallery has been subject to a string of threatening emails and phone calls from anonymous protesters, and on Tuesday, someone smashed the glass front of the gallery. (source)

2 responses to “Painting of Muslim-Seeming Woman Craddling Pig Ignites Violence & Protest”

  1. libhomo Avatar

    People often take their religious beliefs way too seriously.

  2. Zainab Avatar

    Hey im a proud muslim, but i think people of every religion seem to go too far in their defense of it, to the point where it becomes meaningless.
    I dont see what the big deal is, even if the artist meant to be offensive, why get offended?

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