Roanoke: A Photo Essay

Veken and I traveled to this western Virginian town during the last week of the 2008 US elections to volunteer with the Obama campaign. During our time there we were able to discover a place with more artistic institutions than almost any other city its size, churches galore, a number of colleges, a walkable downtown core and an openness that was inviting and urbane.

2 responses to “Roanoke: A Photo Essay”

  1. Linda Avatar

    I hope you all liked Roanoke. It has grown on me over the years I have lived here. I am very thankful that whilr Obama did not carry Roanoke county, he did carry Roanoke city and we contributed to his win in Virginia.

    Thanks for coming to campaign here.

  2. hv Avatar

    Thanks for asking. We really did enjoy it and only regret we weren’t around for the opening of the Taubman Museum.

    Getting to know the people of Raonoke and meeting with them really was the best experience of all. People were open and friendly (for the most part). It’s a very special city.

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